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63 years old • Female • Productions coordinator

50, have a son of 19, have lived in Copenhagen since 1986. Grew up in the north of Denmark.

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    cycling; reading; travelling; walking; music; drinking wine and cooking :-))

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    Japan; Australia; Thailand; Spain, Greece and USA (so far mainly San Diego)

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger


San Diego, December 2009-January 2010

26 Dec 2009 - 27 Jan 2010 • 8,817 kms

USA United Kingdom

San Diego, October 2009

16 Oct 2009 - 23 Oct 2009


San Diego, May-June 2009

21 May 2009 - 01 Jun 2009


Travel Help


Any information you need on Copenhagen. I can give you info on hotels, hostels, camping etc. + of course links to web sites. Where to eat and drink whether you want to spend 50 or 500 kr on a meal :-)) What to see and do, transport etc. etc., I'll do whatever I can to provide you with the info you need, just ask. Might also be able to give info on other parts of Denmark, try me!!

Ask sole a question about Denmark.

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