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32 years old • Male

The first and second times I was on an airplane, I jumped off of it. The third time, I was bound for Ecuador, not to return for ten months. I wouldn't consider myself a particularly bold person, I just want to get the most out of life. I taught and volunteered there, and even though I was only fresh out of high school, it seems speaking English qualified one to teach it. It has been almost three years since I returned home, and although I have gone for a short visit there since, it wasn't enough. I just can't fight this feeling anymore, I've got to travel.

In the summer of 2011, I'll be striking out with a friend, starting in Ecuador and traveling counter-clockwise around the continent, completing a full loop if I can. I've been telling people I'll be there 6 months to a year, but really, it's indefinite; my future is wide open. I have remained pretty static within Ecuador on my past trips, so I'm looking forward to moving around and seeing the entire continent this time. I'm interested in volunteering, hiking/climbing, surfing, and learning more about the cultures across the continent.

I don't want to plan a rigid trip, with pre-set goals and exact destinations at certain times. I just want to have a good idea of the fun places that offer neat experiences and welcoming people. I don't want to leave one lifestyle and simply resume it on a different continent. I'm trying to separate myself from the anxiety of obligations and expectations; I don't want to play the game.

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    Hockey, camping, swimming, snowboarding, general arts, reading, stealing lawn gnomes.

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