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About @sylviandavid

71 years old • Traveller

If you aren't having fun you're doing something wrong!

Our motto:travel light, travel safe, travel happy!.

When things tangle up it's usually a good story later...

We have been travel buddies for 44 years Having a great time seeing sites, visiting with people and enjoying the wonderful diverse cultures.....

Hope you enjoy our blogs and pictures.... It has been a bit of a surprise how difficult it is to write blogs..... so we admire all of the people who do take the time....


  • Hobbies:

    archaeology, reading, photography, volunteer gardening, raising boer goats, we also read on the computer quite a bit (we also like seeing other people's adventures & their pic's)

    Traveling is our passion! Money is our limitation...........Traveling, gardening, reading, being Happy ....

    Happiness isn't a destination... It is a way of traveling! ... Choose to be happy!

    My Greek friend Stratis says "If you can't change it, just enjoy it" Good advice!

    Every day we try to learn something. When we are traveling we learn countless things daily ... ♥ We love that!

    Voltaire wrote: "God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well" :) thanks Julia (mybu84) for that wonderful quote... so true!

  • Favourite places:

    We loved Cinque Terra on the Italian Riviera, Florence,

    Villa d' Este,

    touring ancient sites in Greece:

    bike riding in yangshou & Beijing China ..

    Beijing Harley cycle store...

    Hawaiian people, beaches and sites,...
    Zipline canopy tours in Puerto Vallarta..

    Paris & Lyon France with their great restaurants,

    Greek Islands, Crete ancient sites, Rhodes old town, Karpathos wild island, ancient Messene, Kos mosaics,

    Statue of Liberty,

    Pamakkula & Patara Turkey,

    Italy:Tuscany, Rome, Hadrians Villa, Pompeii ...

    German castles, beer and great food,

    Luxombourg buildings and pizza

    Austria, museums, music, buildings, architecture, churches

    France: Versailles (WOW), D-day beaches and museums, Bayeaux, Castle le Decrie, churches

    Belgium: Brugge, canals, people and food

    The Greek Islands we have traveled to: Aegina, AntiParos, Crete, Kos, Karpathos, Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos, Rhodes, Paros, Serifos, Sifnos, Milos, Tinos and Syros. ..... Hoping to add more soon.

    every trip has something exciting that we will never forget. We love new cultures and doing things that are a little different...

Travel Light, Travel Safe & Travel Happy!


Europe 2018 April to May

23 Apr 2018 • 8,908 kms

USA France

Turkey 2013

23 Aug 2013 - 29 Aug 2013 • 11,805 kms

USA Turkey

Greece on the run ..... 2013

17 Mar 2013 - 08 Apr 2013 • 23,455 kms

USA Greece

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  • April 22: We are busting out of Eureka - Finally traveling again
  • China: our first visit..... but not our last! - David & I traveled to China in May 2007: We spent the first 7 days with a Friendly Planet Tour & last 2 weeks on our own. This is quick telling of our travels. We loved the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Ming Tombs, jade stores, tea farms, Beijing, Harley Davidson (Beijing), Guilin, Li River, Yangshou, Suzhou, Shanghai, Xi'an, Terra Cotta Soldiers...the food, street scenes,tourist traps, scenery, museums, gardens & most of all the people!China is a Hoot! We LOVED it: anyone can do it on their own!
  • CAPE OF SOUNION - We traveled from Athens to Sounion via public transportation. It was really a blast but very time consuming because we missed a few buses.... beautiful site! It had a restaurant near it and a really cute little shop. We are so glad we went!
  • Cinque Terra Italy - We visited this exciting and wonderful area in 2005. We were there for 3 nights and two days: not nearly enough time. We saw just enough to know we need to come back again...warm, friendly area, good trails, good food and wine but not enough time...
  • Corinth ...... Site of Epidaurus - Corinth....we could hardly wait to see the amazing canal and ancient sites.... We loved the quaint little town of Corinth.. I want to go back and stay there.. Even now Epidaurus is a feel good place... so wonderful to see and experience.
  • Mahalo Hawaii - Thank you to Hawaii for their hospitality, wonderful tropical weather and especially mahalo to our gracious hosts, guides and good friends, Ray and Linda...
  • Puerto Vallarta - Puerto Vallarta ~ Mexico! Land of sun and friendly, hardworking people. We explored the city of Puerto Vallarta, took a zip-line canopy tour, and basked in the sun on the beach and by the pool. We saw a tiny portion of a large and diverse county. ~ We want to go back to see more!
  • Greece ~ Lovin' it 2008 - David and Sylvia off on a trip to Greece: the first week with easycruise visiting Delphi, Naphlia, Corinth, Patmos & Athens. Then we took a plane to Mykonos, Ferry to Santorini and a plane to Crete..Visiting Knossos, Malia, Gortina, Gornia,... and many more! We traveled without reservations and had times when we were a little nervous about where we would spend the night... but it worked out & we had a blast.
  • Bern and Erin's Wedding: September 2008 - My nephew Bern finally found the absolute perfect partner. We were so thrilled that Bern and Erin decided to have a big party, party wedding at the Trinity Lake Resort... It was so fun and exurberant!!!
  • Hawaii..... Aloha 2009 .... - David set up and planned this little trip. I had a little bad luck with my health so he took it over. He worked for hours on the condo and air plane... so we are here enjoying the sun, ocean and the amazing hospitality of the Hawaiian community. All thanks to David!
  • Road Trip ~ Eureka, CA to Bullhead City, AZ - Instead of having David's 91 year old mom fly home we are making the 19 hour drive from Eureka to Bullhead City... We invited Sylvia's 80 year old parents along for the drive.... Yikes....We are really walking on the wild side here!! Stay Tuned!
  • Sequoia Park Garden ~ Hometown Solution - David and I don't need a project but this one close to home needed us! The Sequoia Park Gardens have not been planted since 2008 due to the City of Eureka budget cuts. We needed to step up to bring this weekend destination back to it's former glory...
  • Hello China ~ 2010 - David and I are trying our first long trip...Usually we go for 3 weeks but this time we are taking 6 weeks... We'll start with a 10 day tour then we'll travel on our own for 35 days.... We are excited we'll be meeting Phil (deats) and Julia and Elke (sunflower 300). We have lots of places on our list but we'll likely take them one by one..... we have too much going on at home to travel for months .... so this is our solution!!!
  • Greek Odyssey 2011 - Greece.... The final frontier.... David and Sylvia along with Sylvia's sis, Valerie and their nieces Jennifer and Alicia set out for 10 days... The first 8 days will be devoted to Corinth, Epidarus, Mycenae, Argos, Olympia, Delphi and Meteroa. The final days will be in Athens. An Epic Adventure: Alicia & Jennifer's first out of USA trip and Valerie's second international trip (although she finished China with a broken leg).... STAY TUNED!
  • Greece on the run ..... 2013 - We had 3 short weeks to enjoy some time abroad... we decided to return to Greece because we know & enjoy the food, people and culture. We know it would take more than 3 weeks explore a new place. So... Greece here we come.... With a grin on our faces & Love in our hearts ?
  • Turkey 2013 - Every opportunity we can we take a small trip. My Sis, Valerie, offered to take care of Mom and Dad for two weeks... so we are off to Turkey..booked it on August 15 & traveled on August24...just 9 days notice.. but it's always been at the top of David's list...

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