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45 years old • Female • Civil Divil

Sarcastic smart arse, who delights in taking the mick out of people. Generally give people the benifit of the doubt, but I don't suffer fools gladly. Speak my mind and would like others to follow suit.
Love to talk shite especially when I've induldged a little too much.Often make a complete an utter tit out of myself ;-)

  • Hobbies:

    I read way too much. If I'm stuck I'd quite happily read the instructions on cleaning products (not that I put the information into practice that often). I also have a bizzare fascination with masks. My sitting room resembles a shrine to faces... want it to spread to the rest of the house like a rash, but I'm not allowed! Love to have close friends and family around for a good chat and a laugh. Can't forget to mention the dreaded board games, I'm an addict and control freak!

  • Favourite places:

    I quite like the Wolftrap! Also I find any enclosed space with shops very appealing. Besides the above mentioned I'm drawn to establishments that serve food. But my favourite place has to be my Boora bed ;-)

"What's the worse that can happen?"


Taras 2007 Trip

28 Apr 2007 - 29 Jul 2007 • 46,688 kms

Ireland Thailand Cambodia Vietnam Malaysia Singapore Australia Japan

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