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74 years old • Male • Many

I have not lived in one place for longer than 6 years which means I have no place I can call home other than planet Earth. This is a good thing as it circumvents nationalism, discrimination, fear of other societies and the need to fight for territory. The sooner people everywhere realise that we all belong to the Human race, trying to survive on a finite planet against terrible odds created by ourselves, the sooner we will arrive at solutions.

We will help one another to overcome these problems and emerge into a better world.

I think you know where I'm coming from.

  • Hobbies:

    Doing what everybody else likes doing on this website, looking, learning, feeling, experiencing and understanding this fascinating world that we live in.
    Spreading the message of living an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.
    Sailing, Cycling, Walking, Watching Animals, Immersing myself in Nature, Snorkelling, Writing, Painting, making love and anything else I get excited about. Life is my hobby. I'm so lucky!

  • Favourite places:

    Amongst happy, loving people or as far away from angry destructive people as possible. On a mountain or cliff where my soul can soar. In lush meadows where the air is filled with the perfume of flowers and soil. On the sparkling ocean where the breeze is clean and takes me to new places. Anywhere my senses are sharpened and my emotions kick in, that's when I feel alive.

Try to make those less fortunate than me happy.



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