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67 years old • Female • Internat. Reocation/Real estate conslnt

Educated, English, well traveled, funny, loves stimulating conversation and interesting people, many interests, have cats, warm, spirited, Gemini, activist, good friend.

Love helping people "live the dream" in the Tropics! Giving information about the place I live and places I have been, places I have contacts that are helpful etc!!

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    Making new friends and traveling

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    Thailand, France, Bermuda, Northern India and of course, beautiful Costa Rica!

I fall down, I get up and in the meantime, I keep dancing!

Travel Help

Costa Rica

I have lived here for 3 years and have friends who have been here for many more years. I can tell you good places and bad, tourist traps and eco places, good beaches and reasonably priced hotels and guest houses. Property for sale or rent for people retiring or looking for investments and businesses. Just ask me, happy to help!

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Born and raised there, particular knowledge of the South of England and of the Channel Islands. Can tell you about some of the great heritage sites, castles, German hospitals and bunkers, good times to travel, accommodations in general. Just ask me....

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British Virgin Islands

Lived there for 4 years, got to know a lot of the local color, carnivals, restaurants, bars and more. Also USVI also - St John and St Thomas specifically

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