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My life ambition is to one day ride from the most southerly tip of Argentina, all the way up the Cordillera, and accross the border from Mexico into the US of A. I know it's been done before, the most famous "long rider", Aimé Tschiffley, has written a famtastic book about his travels. Most people think I am mad and will not ever do even a bit of this, but I intend to prove them all wrong.

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    Travelling and horse riding, often a good combination!

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    Ilha Boipeba in Brazil was heavenly, but then again so were many other places. Of my travels, I think the Chapada Diamantina national park was one of the best destinations.

    To live I would have to chose Andalucia, in Southern Spain, probably in Granada.

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Tunisia September 2006

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28 Feb 2003


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