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It's all about how you see it!

  • Full Name: Jane Pryce ( 50 / Female )
  • Lives In: Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan
  • Citizenship: United Kingdom
  • Previous Name (ie Maiden): McLaren
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Occupation: Teacher

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UK tour (635 kms)

Visiting: United Kingdom.

Langkawi island, Malaysia (12000 kms)

Visiting: Malaysia.

Langkawi island, Malaysia (12000 kms)

Visiting: Malaysia.

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In March 2010 we went to Barcelona where my husband did the Barcelona marathon. Also, we went to Fuertuventura, Canary Islands.

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I am from the UK and have lived in quite a few different cities...Lincoln, Birmingham, Windsor, Durham, Wolverhampton, Edinburgh.

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I have visited Thailand 3 times, staying for a maximum of 2 and a half months. I travelled to the deep south (Trang) and visited several small islands. Also stayed in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. In the latter city I studied Tai Chi Chuan with a great guy called Keith. I also took a 6 week Thai Massage course at ITM. I would be happy to give any advice about these places and activities.

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I lived in Bermuda for 4-5 years and also studied at Bermuda College for 2 years.

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I currently live in Kyoto near Ginkakuji (the Silver Temple) and Tetsu-gaku-no-michi (the Philospher's Path) in the north-east part of Kyoto. I can offer help with the local area, restaurants, places to see etc. I have also visited Nagano for snowboarding, Nara, Osaka, Nagoya and plan to go to Tokyo in September this year.

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