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About @tleb

41 years old • Male

I hate shaving but I can't really grow a beard. So I am often scruffy. And not in that rugged out-doorsy way, just in the "dude, you really need a shave" sort if way.

  • Hobbies:

    Working... so I can travel. Too much of the former. Reading. Some drinking. Some video games. Playing with my camera. Some attempts at writing that only achieve a pseudo-hood, you know, so I can use words like pseudo and still take myself seriously. Being lame in self-entertaining ways, also known as dorkdom.

  • Favourite places:

    Kathamandu, Kaslo BC, India, the Rockies, Gramas house, The prairies, secluded places that whisper sanctuary (wow..does that ever sound lame) , pubs with personality, places to learn stuff outside of the classroom setting. The boonies of anywhere, mostly. Anywhere that is my first time being there. Places that are not what I expected. Places that really let you see past all the differences. Places that exagerate differences, like good fiction. But you're really there, so it's not funny in the same way when you step in the poop.

Thinking is important. We don't even need to be good at it.


Amsterdam/Egypt 09'

11 Mar 2009 - 20 Apr 2009 • 14,870 kms

Canada USA Netherlands France Egypt Jordan

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