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43 years old • Male • Civil Servant

I am 26 years old, i work for the scottish goverment. I write songs and play guitar, piano, bass and percussion. Have been to a lot of europe, travelled canada and america for 2 months and am saving for china,vietnam,austrilia and new zealand trip starting jan 09.

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    writing and recording music,cycling,swimming, reading, walking, travel,moveis, randomness and quilts

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    ST John Clarkes Estate. Penicuik. Many a youthful day spend there instead of school

If you want to have a little fun you got to throw your line it! (and) what the fuck



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Scotland and beyond

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United Kingdom

Rome Alone starring mccoldman sulkin.

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Lived here for 25 years and youth hostelled this great country. Have also travelled elsewhere in the world so have that experience to.

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I have travelled through and have a lot of travel tips for the following countries China,Vietnam,Cambodia,Thailand,Canada,America,Lofoten. I have also been to a lot of cities throughout Europe.

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