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59 years old • Male • Writer/Photographer/Researcher

An energetic traveller of Australia, Europe, North and South America and minimal explorations of Asia (Singapore/Hong Kong/Borneo). I love exploring new cities and remote locations and am grateful we are able to travel easily to our neighboring countries which are so vastly different to the experience we have back at home.

  • Hobbies:

    In South Australia I have enjoyed exploring and recording rock glyph sites scattered throughout the landscape and I love building and renovating with wwhatever materials are available from a demolition or from the tip.

  • Favourite places:

    The arid desert zones of Australia I love for their spaciousness and cloud watching, and the east coast of Australia for its rainforests and beaches. Peru for its amazing people and shamanic traditions which they share so generously, and Europe for the drama and excitement of our own history.

Love every moment even the dark ones!


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