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Home is a blue/green globe in space, about 4,000 miles in diameter

  • Full Name: Jacques ( 61 / Male )
  • Lives In: Gouda, ZH, Netherlands
  • Citizenship: Netherlands
  • About westwind57:

    Originally from the travbuddy website. I travel for work, business and privately, and I love that mix. I usually don't mind where the journey goes to. I think about everywhere, there is something new or unusual to be found, or an interesting tradition, or some funny experience.

    I also love hearing and reading about other people's travel stories, or from their home land, no matter if they talk about far destinations or the next door city. I usually have enough imagination to picture it.

    I may not always prepare every detail, and let myself be surprised. But for me, travelling starts already at the moment that I start thinking of it!

  • Hobbies:

    Traveling of course, nature, photography, history, food, wine, differences in culture between countries/regions (also dealing with different business culture), languages, snorkeling, listening progressive rock from the 1970's, but also enjoying local ethnic music styles and sometimes even classic music. Reading old travel stories with the atlas next to me. Writing (about travel and other experiences) is another thing I like to do... if time allows.

    Recently hiking, cycling and swimming have made their way up this ranking (with beneficial results for my weight and overall well-being…)

  • Favourite places:

    Countries which I visit regularly and I always like include: underrated Germany, overrated France (I prefer the countryside. Love/hate relationship with Paris and I hate CdG airport and the smell in the Métro), Belgium (Our good spirited gourmand neighbours), Italy, China and Hong Kong, U.S. and Canada. Spain and the Balkan incl. Bulgaria and Romania for road trips.

    Countries that have amazed and surprised me include Indonesia, Malaysia, Cameroon, Thailand, Australia, Slovenia, Iceland. And many others.

    Only a few countries fail to excite or attract me. No need to mention them here. And I would be happy to be surprised and change my opinion if the opportunity arises.

    Latin America still mostly unknown to me (except Mexico). Iran plus the countries in Central Asia are high on my interest list to visit when I have a chance. Think of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, Kazakhstan, and two new ones on my list: Kamchatka and Tyva in Russia. Oh, and Raja Ampat in Indonesia as the ultimate diving/snorkling destination. Georgia too, for the nature, food, wine and people.

    I should not forget to mention the Green Heart and old towns of my own country, and the Dutch Mountains (yeah, they exist... sort of).

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Xiamen (18887 kms)

01 Jan 2018 - 02 Jan 2018

Visiting: Netherlands and China.

Xiamen Hong Kong 2018 (19566 kms)

Visiting: Netherlands, China and Hong Kong.

Scotland 2005 (1527 kms)

Visiting: Netherlands and United Kingdom.

Travel Help


Born and raised in this province, and still living there. Will be happy to answer your questions and help you with ideas and suggestions. Just drop a message and I will reply as soon as I see it :)

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Living close to Gouda, and familiar with the interesting sites in town and in the "Green Heart" of Netherlands. Let me know if you need information or ideas.

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