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61 years old • Male • Citizen of India • Cultural anthropologist/ fixer

I am sure that my area of work will certainly interest you, let me give you a brief account of my artistic pursuits and current projects. Born in Rajasthan,India. it was evitable for me to not be influenced by the cultural and folk traditions which have placed the state on a very high pedestal in the cultural annals. The pursuit to know art and culture better took me to the National School of Drama, the renowned drama school of Asia. But folk art and culture remained very close to my heart and after completing my post-graduation, I did several fellowships on folk art and culture of Rajasthan. But as they say the home is where heart is, I after wondering like a cultural gypsy, I returned to my roots. Presently, I am based in Jaipur and working as cultural anthropologist/ folk theater educator and an independent documentary film-maker. I am working on several projects. My endeavour is not only to create public awareness but also educate the rural audience about different cultural issues. As a cultural anthropologist, I am presently working with nomad performers community (gypsy tribe) of Rajasthan through various programmes like promoting their folk culture, dance and music. Besides, running a literacy programme for their women and children.
Some of nomad gypsy perform Chakri Dance is performed by Kanjar(gypsy) girls, The dancers whirl round and round in circle in flowering skits.
As result, the dances appear like sniping top.

Beside i have specialization on kalbeliya gypsy culture of Rajasthan,organize Kalbeliya gypsy dance workshop.
(Now this kalbeliya gypsy dance is also been recolonization from UNESCO

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I have done authentic research on folk art and culture of India and now i would like to share my knowledge as fixer Or research coordinator for photo journalist ,researcher documentary film makers and theater students . I have specialization on kalbeliya nomad community of Rajasthan-India.

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