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21* [[Wellington]]21* [[Wellington]]
24==Completed introductions==24Buenos Aires
25Once you've written an introduction for any capital city, list it here. This helps others keep track of ones that have already been completed.
27* [[Canberra]]26A sprawling mass of a city on the banks of the Rio del la Plata, the widest river in the world. First impressions may be of a dirty, polluted noisy city, but its worth scratching below the surface to find a wealth of character. This city lives for football, in particular the age old rivalry of La Bocos and la Riveria. Its also a city of extremes, from the wealthy Ricollata (Where a grave will cost you more than a house in Londons Chelsea!) to the filthy but charming barrio one, a flea market crowded with pickpockets and beggars.
28* [[Honiara]]
29* [[Jakarta]]
30* [[Madrid]]
31* [[Moscow]]
32* [[Ottawa]]
33* [[Oslo]]
34* [[Paris]]
35* [[Palikir]] - pretty much a complete article in fact ;)
36* [[Tirana]]
37* [[Tokyo]]
3928The main tourist guant is San Telmo, a beautiful cobblestoned sanctuary from the chaos of the city centre. It is here you find tango dancers performing for donations, along with the usuall street artists you come to expect of any large city these days. Rustic cafes and wine bars are all part of the charm here, along with historic churches and colonial architecture.