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So you've decided to go travelling, are smart enough to know you need insurance and you've read the 7 reasons we like World Nomads Travellers Insurance. You are basically thinking "Where do I sign up?" and then along we Travellerspoint folk come and give you the option to get a full 5% discount on your insurance?! Are you guys nuts?! Well, yes (although that's a much longer story), but who doesn't love themselves some discount on a quality product?!

Use promo code SAVE7 to save... that's right... 7% 5% (sorry, Worldnomads has reduced the discount possible)

So what do I need to do to save 5% on my insurance purchase you ask? Simply follow these quick steps and you're good to go (literally).

  1. Fill in this form or the one on the right here --> to get a quote
  2. On the page with your quote, under Quote Summary fill in SAVE7 where the form asks for your Promotion Code and hit the Apply Promo button. Here's an image to make it even easier!
    Promo code SAVE7 for WorldNomads
  3. Click Buy Now to pay and save
  4. Travel safely

Is there any small print?

Sadly, this promo code won't work for residents of the USA or Canada. We're not really sure why either, but we're pretty sure it has to do with gremlins (surely that's more likely than that there's some stupid law that won't allow discounts on insurance?!). Other than that, you're good to go with promotion code SAVE7!

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